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I am overjoyed to share this news: in the 2023 edition of the National Awards in Uruguay, I received at the same time The National Prize of Literature, this time for "Una vida llena de proposito", and also the National Prize of Science Popularization for the book "Mirar la mente", that was curated in collaboration with Ana Silva and Paula Pouso, both amazingly talented neuroscientists. I had the privilege to receive the awards with my youngest kid. A very gratifying and humbling experience.

With the urgencies of pandemic as the backdrop for these times of confusion, I put my quarantine times to good use, releasing a homemade series about the perceptual and cognitive aspects of cultural exchanges. The episodes mix cases and anecdotes in a quest to introduce more nuance to our political stances, as an invitation to include more substantial evidence-based information in our models of reality, while exploring the many reasons why doing so it is not such an easy task. It is only in Spanish, but the youtube self-generated subtitles may provide you at least a gist of what they are about. A link to the first episode could be found here.

For the second time in my life (the first one was in 1996 with "Esta máquina roja"), I was very honored to receive The National Prize of Literature in Uruguay. It was certainly a surprise and a relief, especially after so many years have passed since my las publication, to confirm that such a weird novel could be nevertheless appreciated and enjoyed. I hope this will help the book to extend its readership.

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