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Persona / Subte / Montevideo

An extensive collection of paintings, called Persona, was exhibited in the Subte exhibition center, in Montevideo. The show included videos and music specially made for the exhibition, including "The lake", featured below.

Persona / SOmniac Gallery / New York

“Persona”, a more concise version of the show that was previously presented in Uruguay, this time displaying some new large format paintings, was opened at the Somniac Gallery, New York. It included the first screening of the video "Woman in a box", featured below.

More images of the exhibition, which included live performances by Andrea Arobba, and featured two videos projected in large scale and 34 prints.

Immediate / Site Gallery / Sheffield

A selection of work by British artists exhibited in England included a video I shot in Sheffield. The show was called Immediate, and it was presented in Sheffield, UK. In the video, a few characters would have a free flow of discourse in different languages having the demolition of a building at their backs. As they gain a progressive level of focus in what they are saying, they tend to incorporate the actual demolition into their narrative. The video is featured below. / Espacio Niu / Barcelona

“” was an exhibition of interactive art, video, music and performance by a group Uruguayan artists in the Niu Space, in Barcelona. I exhibited there “Attempts”, a piece in which digitally generated voices reproduce a scene of “The Wizard of Oz”. There is an unsettling feeling lingering about the piece, especially when we hear computers singing “if I only had a brain”. The video is featured below.

Settimana del Uruguay / Spiazzi / Venice

La Settimana del Uruguay (Uruguay’s week), a group exhibition of five artists, was shown in Spiazzi Gallery, in Venice. The show included both visual art and contemporary dance performances by Andrea Arobba.

Composición de lugar / CCE / Uruguay

“Composición de lugar”, a collective exhibition in the Cultural Center of Spain, in Montevideo, features a life-sized dance-performance video installation, called “Some People’s philosophy”. The piece was both directed and performed by me. The video is featured below

Exodus / Casa Vik / Uruguay

A mural based on themes related to the human exodus was installed on the walls of one of the houses at Playa Vik, in José Ignacio, Uruguay. A review on the visual impact of the Art displayed on the famous resort facilities found its way into one of the blogs of the New York Times. The picture displayed on their review shows precisely a bit of the mural.

No dibujo / Centro Cultural de México / Uruguay

A group exhibition called “No dibujo” (I don’t draw) was presented in the Cultural Center of México, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The show, that was curated by the Mexican collective Harto Espacio, combined the interdisciplinary work of graphic artists, graffiti artists and performers.

La máquina Felisberto / National Museum of Visual Arts / Uruguay

“La Máquina Felisberto” (The Felisberto Machine), a group exhibition inspired by the works of Felisberto Hernández, the famous but elusive Uruguayan writer, was recently opened in the National Museum of Visual Arts, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Among the selected art works there is a large format digital print painted by me, called “Tierras de la memoria” (Lands of memory), based on the short novel with the same name written by the author.

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