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Talks and conferences

In recent years I have devoted an increasing amount of time and attention to the subject of the cognitive and neural basis of language and culture. I have presented both university courses (in CLAEH, Uruguay, and the Uruguayan School of Film / ECU) and numerous talks on the matter. Some of those talks were presented in The City College of the City University of New York, La Maisón de la Poesie (Paris), La Maisón de la Amerique Latine (Paris), Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad (México City), Casa de América in Madrid, The University of Buenos Aires, IE University (Segovia, Spain), The MTV creative headquarters (Buenos Aires), the Teatro Solís in Montevideo, TEDx, Montevideo, International Festival of Culture (Colombia), International Festival of Literature (Buenos Aires) and many more.


Here I enclose a video of an extended talk on the matter that I gave in Madrid, and a shorter version presented in TEDx Montevideo (only in Spanish, sorry).


Here you can find a few interviews (in Spanish, I’m afraid) that deal both with my books and with some of the ideas I have been exploring recently in my conferences (the cognitive basis of culture and art, the physiology of perception and the construction of  models of reality experienced in first person). As it often happens when someone becomes fascinated with a specific area of knowledge, you may find that some subjects show up time and again in my discourse. I apologize in advance for any form of insistence.

Images of conferences
GEN Center for Arts and Sciences

As a consequence of my growing interest in connecting Art and Sciences, I have developed with Andrea Arobba a project called GEN Center for Arts and Sciences. The place hosts international artists and scientists in residence, developing projects and workshops with local thinkers and creators in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Please check out the aims, objectives and scope of the project in the following link:

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