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A new season of Zoombido, our series devoted to the creative process of composers, has departed from Brazil after 10 years and started an international trail. Our first season out of Brazil will be centered in Uruguayan composers. As always, the actual shooting of the series is a true joy, and the privilege of being surrounded by such insiping artists is barely captured in camera.

The series "Creadores", a survey of artists from Uruguay, has been released on the web. The series was produced by GEN Centro de Artes y Ciencias with the support of AGADU, and directed by me. The interviews were recorded using an Interrotrón, a system popularized by Errol Morris that allows the gaze of the person being interviewed to be perfectly aligned with the camera, allowing the capture of a very intimate conversation in which the audience feels that the subject talks directly to them.

I was recently invited to give a conference in C3, Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad, in México City. The lecture intended to explore the Natural History of Art and Literature from a developmental and cognitive point of view.

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